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The 8th (Tianhuang Cup) National Excellent Homemade Teaching Aid Exhibition & Competition Held Successfully
Release date:2012-08-13

    In order to thoroughly implement the plan for education, and actively promote quality education and teaching reform, the eighth (Tianhuang cup) national excellent homemade teaching aid exhibition & competition was held on August 13 to 18 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The exhibition was sponsored by the teaching instrument research institute of ministry of education, and organized by Zhejiang province education technology center, Zhejiang Tianhuang science and technology industrial co., LTD. Han Husheng, the director of teaching instrument institute, Liu Changya, the deputy director general of foundation education 2nd department of ministry of education, Ding Tianle, deputy inspector of Zhejiang province Education Department attended the awards commendation convention, and watched the entries and Tianhuang's teaching instrument product exhibit.

    There are 541 works, including 75 pieces of student work, take part in the exhibition from over 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and Xinjiang production and construction corps. According to the arrangement of the organizing committee, the entries were divided into nine groups, such as physical, chemical, technology, comprehensive, etc. The evaluation experts in each group judge the works comprehensively according to the author's demonstration, from instructional, scientific, innovative, heuristic, practical aspect and so on. Finally 83 units of works won first prize, 185 units won the second prize, 251 units won the third prize, and 88 teachers won the title of national homemade teaching aid expert. Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian respectively rank the first six in total group scores; 28 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and Xinjiang production and construction corps education equipment department won the organization prize.

    During the exhibition, the Nanjing normal university professor Liu Bingsheng's lecture of "inheriting the tradition, developing innovation education functions of homemade teaching aid " was a very good interpretation of the meaning of the homemade teaching aid. The exhibition & competition will promote the development of homemade teaching aid, inspire the spirit of innovation, strengthen the experimental teaching, improve the teachers and students practical skills, and promote the curriculum reform.

The ministry of education teaching instrument institute director Han Husheng, the ministry of education foundation education 2nd department deputy director general Liu Changya and other leaders instruct and visit Tianhuang Apparatus' exhibiting area.


The ministry of education foundation education 2nd department director Qiao Yuquan instructs and visits Tianhuang Apparatus' exhibiting area.


The chairman of the "Tianhuang teaching Apparatus" Huang Huasheng accepted CCTV's interview.


The chairman of the "Tianhuang teaching Apparatus" Huang Huasheng issued the "organization award" for awarded representative


Group photo of the leaders and awarded representative


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