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A single spark can start a prairie fire
      After 20 years of unremitting struggle, Tianhuang from "the development of a user" to "form a window" to "open a slice of the market", slowly but surely, and gradually seizes the market. It is in "the rural areas to encircle the cities" carpet sales strategy that to ensure the market of Tianhuang development great success.At present the products of Tianhuang have covered more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in institutions of higher learning, vocational colleges , technical colleges, industry enterprise training center and elementary and secondary school, etc, and are exported to Britain, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Pakistan, kazakhstan, Iran, Nigeria, Angola, Ethiopia, and other countries.

Tianhuang development today, market development has been a huge success, investigate its root lies in carrying out the brand strategy of Tianhuang:
      From sales specific product development to establish intangible enterprise image;
      From the product brand strategy extended to enterprise brand strategy;
      From the target consumers to ascend to the base on China, explore international market globalization strategy.
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