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Product Name:THPFSM-E1 Programmable Logic Controller Training System (Siemens)
Product Series:PLC·Frequency Control of Motor Speed Training Series
Product Introduction

Technical description
    The THPFSM-E1 comes with a Siemens S7-200 programmable logic controller (CPU224 AC/DC/RELAY, with digital I/O ﹤14 digital input/10 digital output﹥) with corresponding PC/PPI cable, a control board, modules, 3-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, etc. Additionally, it is complete with STEP7 MicroWIN software, and simulation software for education. With this system users can perform exercises of basic PLC instruction practice and PLC applications.
    This training system is suitable for education of "Programmable Logic Controller Technology", "Electrical and PLC Control Technology", "PLC and Its Applications" in vocational colleges and schools. It is also recommended for training on PLC and skills examination in technical schools, vocational schools, training centers, etc.
    (1) Power supply: 3-phase 4-/5-wire 380V (±10%) 50 Hz
    (2) Temperature: -10℃~+40℃
    (3) Relative humidity < 85% @25℃
    (4) Altitude < 4000m
    (5) Power capacity: < 0.5k VA
    (6) Weight: 100kg
    (7) Dimensions: 1780×730×1520mm
System configuration
    The training system is composed of control panel, workbench, PLC set, modules, 3-phase squirrel cage, etc.
    (1) PLC-01 control panel (iron with high density plastic-sprayed construction, aluminium faceplate)
    1) AC power supply
    Available power supplies: 3-phase 4-wire AC 380V and single-phase 220V, both of them are fuse protected and controlled by the start and stop buttons.
    2) Timer & alarm recorder
    Functions of lab service supervision including lab time set, alarming at expire time, and faults history recording.
    3) DC power supply, DC voltmeter/ammeter, logic level output and indication, etc.
    DC voltage: 0~15V adjustable output; DC current: 0~20mA adjustable output; DC digital voltmeter: 0~200V, input impedance: 10MΩ, accuracy: 0.5%; DC digital ammeter: 0~200mA, accuracy: 0.5%; logic level output, logic level indication, LEDs, direction indicator, music box, DC 24V relay, signal sockets, etc.
    4) SM10 PLC set: including Siemens CPU224 PLC (AC/DC/RELAY), integrated digital I/O (14 digital input/10 digital output), RS-485 interface, 6 high-speed counters, and PC/PPI cable.
    (2) Modules (optional)


Serial number


Training objective



Responder/Musical fountain

Learning programming with conditional control instructions and loop and call instruction.




Assembly line/Traffic lights

Learning usage of sequence control instructions.



Water level of tower level/tower lights

Familiarisation with simple logic control instructions and shift register instructions.



Automatic feeding/4-segment conveyor belt

Mastering usage of complex logic control instructions.



Liquid mixer

Learning programming with conditional control instructions and timer instructions.



Vending machine

Familiarisation with various counter instructions and comparison output instructions.



Rolling mill/Post sorting

Mastering operational instructions and interrupt instructions.



Robot arm/Molding machine

Mastering skills of simple logic control programming in industry applications.



Machining center

Mastering skills of complex logic control programming in industry applications.



3-floor elevator

Learning skills of analysis, I/O distribution, design of I/O wiring diagram, connection, programming, and debugging of a PLC control system



Step motor/Linear motion: the step motor control system including driver, step motor, calibrated disc, pointer, etc.; the linear motion system comprising motor, timing belt, photoelectric sensor, guide rail, and blocks.

Learning direction control, drive mode control, linear motion detection, positioning control of step motor.



Typical motor control module: three Schneider AC contactors, one time relay, three pushbuttons, and three AC indicators.

Familiarisation with the general process of installation and commissioning of a power system; performing PLC-based motor control; mastering installation and commissioning of PLC electrical control system.

    (3) WDJ26 3-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor (AC 380V/△)
    (4) Features of PLC simulation software:
    Real-time display of PLC running status in FLASH environment
    Supporting virtual connection of PLC and automatic checking of connection
    Functions of PLC programming training and test
    Simulation of PLC running, self diagnosis of wrong program
    (5) PLC-02 workbench
    It is of iron with high density plastic-sprayed construction. The surface is fireproof, waterproof, and wear resistant. The design of drawers facilitates storing wires and facilities. Furthermore, the workbench is integrated with a computer desk.
Hands-on exercises
    PLC fundamentals
    (1) PLC basic knowledge(software and hardware structure, system configuration, basic instruction practice, connection, programming and download, etc.)
    (2) Typical motor control (jogging, self-lock, forward/reverse rotation, and Y/△ start)
    (3) Simulation of PLC
    PLC simulation control applications
    (4) 7-segment LEDs control
    (5) Responder control
    (6) Simulation of tower lights control
    (7) Simulation of musical fountain control
    (8) Crossing traffic lights control
    (9) Level control of water in tower
    (10) Simulation of auto feed system control
    (11) Simulation of 4-sgement conveyor belt control
    (12) Simulation of assembly line control
    (13) Simulation of liquid mixer control
    (14) Simulation of molding machine control
    (15) Simulation of rolling mill control system
    (16) Simulation of post sorting system
    (17) Simulation of vending machine control
    (18) Simulation of robot arm control 
    (19) Simulation of 3—floor elevator
    (20) Machining center control
    PLC practicality control
    (21) Position detection and positioning control in linear motion
    (22)  Step motor control

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