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Product Name:THPDC-E1 Power Electrics & Electrical Drive Training Equipment
Product Series:Power Electronics & Electrical Drive Series
Product Introduction

    The THPDC-E1 consists of experiment units,motor guild rail and power control panel including AC & DC power supply, kinds of measure instruments, motors etc. It is designed on the base of the course of "Electrician Maintenance" and it is designed for the courses of "Power Electronic Technology", "DC Motor Driver", "AC Motor Driver", "Electrical Drive Automation Control System" and meets teaching requirements of universities, colleges, vocational schools & educational services on corresponding courses.
1). Power supply: 3-phase 4-wire (380V±10% 50Hz)
    2). Environment: temperature:–10℃-+40℃ Relative humidity:<85%(25℃)Altitude:<4000m
    3). Capacity:<1.5kVA
    4). Dimension:165×80×152cm3
    1) DJK01 power supply control panel(The equipment adopts plastic-sprayed iron framework and aluminum faceplate) 
    (1).  AC power supply(the over-current protection is installed)
    DC motor drive range:  200V/3A
    AC motor drive range:  240V/3A
    (2).  DC power supply: 220V/0.5A with short-circuit protection for the output.
    (3).  Analog meter
    I AC voltmeter: the 3-phase input line voltages can be ranged by the band switch (locates under the meter) with the accuracy of 1.0%.
    Digital meter
    •  1 RMS AC digital voltmeter:measuring range: 0~500V,ranges are automatic judging & automatic switch-over,accuracy: 0.5%,3 -digit display,which provides the voltage indication to the AC motor drive system power electronics technology;
    •  1 RMS AC digital ammeter:measuring range: 0~5A,ranges are automatic judging & automatic switch-over,accuracy: 0.5%,3 -digit display,with the functions of over-range alarming, indication & disconnect the overall power supply and provides the current indication for the drive system;
    •  1 DC digital voltmeter:measuring range: 0~300V,3 -digit digital display,input impedance: 10MΩ,accuracy:0.5%;
    1 DC digital ammeter:measuring range: 0~2000mA(20mA, 200mA, 2000mA),3 -digit display,accuracy: 0.5%,with the functions of over-range alarming, indication &disconnecting the overall power supply etc. and provides the current indication for the reversible drive system.
    (4). Faults setting unit:more than 40 faults points can be set
    (5). Clearing of fault panel:40 faults clearing buttons and 1 counter(recording the times that the faults button pressed) are provided
    (6). Safety facilities
    •  1 3-phase isolation transformer:it is used for isolating the output voltage from the 3-phase input power supplies, which is active to protect the operator,s safety.
    •  Voltage type RCCB 1:It is available to protect the circuits that locate before the isolation transformer. The contactor trips of the control panel trips and the power supply is cut off if there is any faults occurred.
    •  Voltage type RCCB 2:It is available to protect the circuits that locate at the backwards of the isolation transformer. The power will be cut off with acousto-optic alarming indication if there is any fault of leakage to guarantee operation,s safety.
    •  Current type RCCB:the power supply is disconnected if the leakage current exceeds the threshold value.
    •  Connecting wires & sockets: please classify the strong, weak connecting wires & sockets clearly to avoid electric shock..
    (7). Timer & alarm recorder
    Timer & alarm recorder, which normally works as a real-time clock, is used for supervision of experiments, with functions of lab time set up, faults recording (including leakage, measurement over ranging etc.).
    (8). Control panel & others
    The groove located on the bottom-right leaves a large space for 2 big experiment units & 2 small experiment units. There are 8 M8×10 screw bolts for experiment units fixing and 16-contact, 12-contact, 7-contact, 3-contact sockets etc. are provided under the groove. Single-phase 3-wire socket(220V) are available at both sides of the equipment and the 3-phase 4-wire 380V power supply socket(at the left side).
    (9). PDC-11 thyristor main circuit
    It provides 12 5A/1000V thyristors ( it is divided into positive, negative bridges) with RC absorption and fuse protection equipment for each thyristors,the thyristor can be triggered through the external trigger signal(the trigger pulse input interface is provided). In addition, an analog DC voltmeter(±300V,accuracy: 1.0%), an analog DC ammeter(±2A,accuracy: 1.0%) and a reactor are provided.
    (10). PDC-12 3-phase thyristor trigger circuit
    It provides 3-phase thyristor trigger circuit, power amplifier etc. and it is used with PDC-11.
    (11). PDC-13 single-phase thyristor trigger circuit
    It provides unijuction transistor trigger circuit, saw-tooth wave synchronous trigger circuit and single-phase AC voltage regulation trigger circuit.
    (12). PDC-14 motor driver I
    It provides the following modules:given(digital display), regulator I, rotating speed conversion(FBS), regulator II, opposite sign(AR), current conversion(FBC), voltage isolator(TVD). The proportional gain of the regulator I and regulator II can be adjusted through the potentiometer.
    (13). PDC-15 motor driver II
    It provides the following modules: zero-level checking(DPZ), torque polarity distinguish(DPT), logic control(DLC).
    (14). PWD-17 Adjustable resistor
    It provides two 900Ω×2/0.41A porcelain disc resistances and one change-over switch
    (15). PWD-20 3-phase winding core type transformer
    It provides one 3-phase winding core type transformer and one 3-phase diode rectifier circuit.
    (16). PDC-20 frequency converter
    It provides a FR-S540-0.75K-CHR frequency converter.
    (17). PDC-40 Eurotherm 514C DC motor drive
    It provides one Eurotherm 514C/08 DC motor drive and controllable components(including given value, button & contactor etc.)etc.
    (18) DD03-3stainless steel guide rail, optical coded disc speed regulation system & digital display tachometer
    It provides the stainless steel guide rail with the Japan Omron 1024 photoelectricity coder and fixed motor.
    (19) DJ13-1 DC generator
    (20) DJ15 DC shunt motor
    (21) WDJ24 3-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor
    (22) DJ17 3-phase wound-rotor asynchronous motor
    (23) DJ17-2 Special experiment unit of the wound-rotor asynchronous motor rotor 
    2)PDC02 experiment desk
    The experiment desk is made of iron with high density plastic-sprayed material surface which is fireproof and waterproof with two drawers for tool store.
Lab exercises
    (1) Power electronics technology training
    1). Unijunction transistor trigger circuit
    2). Sawtooth wave synchronous phase shift trigger circuit
    3). Single-phase half-wave controllable rectifier circuit
    4). Single-phase bridge type half-control rectifier circuit
    5). Single-phase bridge type full-control rectifier circuit
    6). 3-phase half-wave controllable rectifier circuit
    7). 3-phase half-wave active inverting circuit
    8). 3-phase bridge type half-control rectifier circuit
    9). 3-phase bridge type full-control rectifier & active inverting circuit
    10). Single-phase AC voltage regulation circuit
    11). 3-phase AC voltage regulation circuit
    (2)DC motor drive system
    12). Commissioning of the thyristor DC motor drive system main unit
    13). Rotating speed single closed-loop DC motor drive system with current cutoff negative feedback
    14). Rotating speed, current double closed-loop DC motor drive system
    15). Voltage, current double closed-loop DC motor drive system
    16). Logic no-loop reversible DC motor drive system
    17). Eurotherm 514C DC motor drive operation 
    (3)AC motor drive system 
    18). Double closed-loop 3-phase asynchronous motor voltage/ drive system
    19). Double closed-loop 3-phase asynchronous motor cascaded drive
    20). Frequency control
Faults can be set
    1). The loss of the silicon controlled trigger pulse
    2). Rectifier bridge fuse fault
    3). Trigger circuit synchronous signal fault
    4). The trigger pulse of the trigger circuit is failed to adjust
    5). The integrating capacitance of speed regulator is short-circuit
    6). The output of the speed regulator is open-circuit
    7). The output of rotating speed conversion is open-circuit
    8). The integrating capacitance of the current regulator is short-circuit
    9). The output of the current regulator is open-circuit
    10). The output of the voltage transformer is open-circuit
    11). Current transformer output is open circuit
    12). The output of the opposite sign is abnormal
    13). The zero-current checking isn,t active properly
    14). Polarity identify of torque isn,t active properly
    Logic controller output level fault

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